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Where to start?? To introduce myself, my name is Alisha, I’m 33 years old and work as a police officer. I am a mum to, two little people and one gorgeous puppy and wife to one incredible husband. I met my husband 6 years ago, 2012. Our puppy is basically our first born, he has such a soft soul, he looks like a giant Hairy Maclary and basically just wants cuddles all the time.

A little about us about 2 hours before my 30th birthday Matty proposed, he couldn’t wait until the next day. He is hopeless with secrets, actually he was  butt naked as he had just finished in the shower and couldn’t even wait to put some clothes on. (FYI by birthday is in winter, hahahaha) Now to give you a bit of an understanding of Matty and I, I would best describe us as dreamers. We see the lottery and have spent it before we even purchase a ticket, we plan grand renovations on our ugly old house and luxurious holidays all over the world. 

In 2015, Matty and I were planning our wedding for the following years. Much to our excitement we found out we were pregnant. Evie was born July 2016 via emergency c-section and what a little spunk she has become. This gorgeous little human is amazing, she has my heart in her hand and knows exactly how to play it. I always thought I would be straight down the line in my parenting style, routine and rules. Turns out I am a complete push over, I try to maintain rules and routine however most of the time we are lucky to do the same thing in the same way twice. Evie is definitely one of those little munchkins who push the boundaries, every day every way. The problem is she is so damn cute. As soon as she looks at me while I’m trying to discipline, I completely melt, I struggle to maintain a strong stern face. Given my job you'd think I could do this, nope I'm hopeless. Every parent has the same issue right?

While on maternity leave I was struggling to find clothing options that were suitable for breastfeeding. My husband suggested I should design some items which I could get made and start a little business. Unfortunately that is an incredible expensive process however I really liked this thinking. I was able to find a supplier and started Baby Coffee Clothing. Initially I just attended the local markets, quickly I put my little business on Facebook and opened it’s own website shortly after. Now Baby Coffee Clothing keeps me busy again on my second stint of maternity leave. Thank you to all the ladies who have supported me along the way. I actually do a little happy dance each time orders comes through. 

After 9 months of maternity leave I went back to work, wow I was not expecting it to hurt so much. Each day I had to drop Evie off to day care I felt like my heart was being ripped out. I’ll get to more of that in another blog. I’ll try to keep this one on point.

In June 2017 Matty and I finally married last year, with Evie as a little flower girl. It was the most ideal day, absolutely no stress and ended up being perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing.

At the end of 2017, I was lucky enough to find out I was pregnant again. Our second little one, Brodrik entered the world in July 2018 via elective c-section, (I’ll definitely talk more about that later on). What a cutie he is. Even though he is only seven weeks old he absolutely has me sorted, with one look or one smile or even one squeal I come running. Brodrik completed our family. Now let the fun continue.

I will try to post a new blog once a week. 

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